CHIBA 2014 – Auction Review – PART 1 – Putting the CHI in CHIBA

Back by popular demand!

So we took a year off here at the SALLY CHIBA blog – inspiration is a fickle thing.  But with one of the most anticipated NBA seasons in a while thanks once again to LeBron James return home – BASKETBALL is definitely back and my favorite sport.

So let’s dive right in – we’ll break this up into 4 parts – I’ll cover every team and somewhere along the way we’ll try to tie this all together into some kind of silly theme.  Keep the encouragement coming – I’ve forgotten how much time and effort it takes to do these – and I have a standard to uphold after all…  I assume you all appreciate it – and while it is fun sometimes – it gets hard around part III!  I do love looking back at the old articles and I’m glad there’s a geeky legacy we’re leaving behind for our CHIBA and SALLY descendants… (haha!)

Some shots will be fired – after all such is the spice of any review – and if you can’t take it – don’t read it.  (or write your own blog!)

Let’s start things off with the biggest target of all – our BELOVED CHIBA Commish – Miles Chatain and his SUPER JACKASSES???  (no insult necessary it seems…)


I love my seat next to Miles on CHIBA day every year.  We’re the ALL BUSINESS table between Miles orchestrating and running things and me keeping an accurate record of events while also trying to build a team and track the auction.

Sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to sit somewhere else.  I’d like to sit back with a piece of paper and a pencil and a target list a la Agnello and just have fun.  But who am I kidding?  That’s just not my nature.

In any case I had a front row seat to the Miles 2014/15 Auction and it was not a pretty sight this year.  (sorry Miles!)  Perhaps the commute from Carolina got to the Commish – or was it the too early Bloody Mary – but I sensed a lack of certainty that usually is palpable from across the table.  When Miles makes a questionable decision I raise my eyebrow – but my first instinct is to think maybe I’M WRONG not him.  (the rest of you JACKASSES are ALWAYS WRONG when I disagree with YOU).  So what happened? – well IF it’s any consolation it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been?

Or WAS IT?  Carlos Boozer – the fantasy kiss of death (or nutpunch as it were…)


Big D in Houston just doesn’t get as much respect as he should.  Perhaps Kobe is right and he is a bitch a$$…  but from a fantasy perspective – he’s a former highest rated player on the board and a huge anchor you can easily build a successful CHIBA team on.  Plus looking healthy for the first time in years – he could put up some monster REB/BLK/FG% numbers.  Even the Price $55 for Howard was great value for a potential top 5 producer.


Lance Stephenson was a steal at $13.  This was one of the picks that got pushed past me by the auctioneer who had a few quick runs that upset me (but my own fault in the end).

Asik and Valuncianas were solid values at $8 and $4 respectively.  Doubling down on the REB/BLK/FG% – the Jackasses should be looking down on us in the BIG categories.


Damian Lillard $53 – yes we all know WHY he went for this much – but for the record Lillard went for almost TWICE my listed value – more than DMC, more than Wall, More than Kevin Love…  Just goes to show you the importance of understanding the dynamics of market value and avoiding needing the last player on the board.


Marcus Smart is a stash situation – may not survive this roster if Miles needs to bolster his guard rotation early in the season (not worth a spot IMO).  Jabari is intriguing – but MIL’s depth seems to limit his upside potential.  Boozer could have value – but no real upside there. JR Smith is a disheartening player to watch much less root for.


Channing Frye was a steal in the Reserve.  Meeks, Bells and Miles seemed to be 3 overcompensation.  Still I guess you need to space the floor for Bitch A$$ Howard.

THE TRADE – Wade for Rubio was a great one.  Traded some uncertainty (injury), and addressed a weakness AST/STL.  Even though from a nominal standpoint Wade is worth more than Rubio it still helps this team in the standings (which is the standard we should all be thinking of with deals).


ONE MORE DEAL AWAY from contention.  Solid Roster – needs one more rotation guard to go with Lance/Rubio/Lillard.  If Lance and Rubio step up and the BIGS perform as expected – could be a contender.  Still many questions and as dicey a squad as I’ve seen the defending champs (MANY TIMES) field.


Andre is a FAN of NICKELODEON...


Let’s move on to Tim Smith – in fact this part 1 will be the CHI member of the old CHIBA. TJ Smitty was the wildcard at the auction holding on patiently to his $$$ and splashing around in the mid to late game.  Waiting was NOT the best strategy this year – which we’ll get into later – and I think he had his eye on building around one player in particular this season…


Sidebar: I LOVE CHIBA.  I don’t want to change it – but on the other hand – our values ARE OUT of whack without FT% or one more guard weighted category.  BIGS that SCORE and BLOCK will always be overweighted in CHIBA because of their 4 category (out of 7) strengths.

Hence ANDRE DRUMMOND – my man crush from the reserve 2 years ago (see my blog entry from CHIBA 2013) is a first round player.  I’m not saying that Andre Drummond is not an awesome player – or potentially a building block – but he’s not yet top 10 in the NBA as he is in CHIBA rankings.

Drummond is Dwight Howard 2.0 – unpolished, athletic, huge but perhaps a more prolific dunker and master of the alley oop.

But should he be a $60 Fantasy NBA player?  It’s not crazy – but it is a little imbalanced.  Food for thought…

Tobias Harris and the Tim Smith Too Early Hype Machine

A week into the season but it sure looks like Timmy Smith may have HIT this year on one of his young stars blowing up predictions (only not a year or two early!).  For $3 Harris looks like a must start every year and one of the main scoring options in ORL until Oladipo returns.  (who Tim conveniently owns – GO MAGIC!)


In the Lillard Lite moment of the auction – Monta Ellis was the lone semi PG left on the board leading to a $43 price for the Dallas Maverick.  Monta is a nice player – and has a cozy new home in DAL – but better Gs could’ve been bought for this price.


Oladipo was a steal – damn you ORL for not giving more detailed projections of his injury status.  But $9 was more than a fair price for even half a season!  Something fishy about Ty Lawson – I don’t like this year.  But solid PG and a very fair price.  Z Bo and Mason Plumlee were good solid pieces – don’t know about Gallinari in Denver – but he has the potential to be a 3 pt monster.


Love JJ Redick – always a startable 3 or 4 game week player.  Rudy Gobert is a nice stash and start for big week blocks and a possible great value if opportunity strikes.  KJ McDaniels and KCP are possible guys with minutes providing some depth that unfortunately CHIBA teams often need.


My projections put Timmy as a strong team with good balance even in the categories he is weak on (3’s and Blocks) he has potential upside with some of his depth that can address these issues.  A team to watch this season for sure.


Much like the Bleacher Report where our very own CHIBA MEDIA MEMBER (BRING BACK OFF THE GLASS!) now hangs his typewriter – TEAM PAUL is an interesting combination of NBA players.  And by interesting I mean all over the place.


There's a NEW King in the North!

There’s a NEW King in the North!

First of all I love Kyle Lowry.  It’s amazing to me that he and Dragic were both once HOU Rockets and somehow they didn’t keep one.  Lowry is underappreciated but a fantasy contributor and a FUN player to watch.  He bounces out on the court like a bowling ball – weaving through pins and occassionally knocking them down.  Lowry came at a fair price even at $42 but my question is – IS HE the guy you want to anchor your squad?


But maybe you don’t need an anchor if you have solid and prime depth at other positions?  Well in Marc Gasol and Roy Hibbert – Paulie got 2 solid big men.  Gasol is another underrated contributor who dishes out a surprising number of assists and posts decent point and block numbers.  Hibbert is an enigma but with upside and void to fill in IND.  Having both is nice luxury and a solid complement to Lowry.



The one question I have about the Chandler Parsons signing is = isn’t a little like signing Dirk Lite?  We have 2 skinny 3 pt shooting forwards.  Chandler brings a little more energy and hustle while Dirk is more accurate a shooter and a reliable crunch time scorer.  But they don’t appear to complement each other at all?  From a fantasy perspective that’s a nice number of 3’s from your Forwards – but do you and the MAVS really need BOTH?

Then again watch that video again – HE does put the C in DMC…  But Dirk clearly carries the group…


Kemba Walker could be poised for a nice step up on a rejuvenated CHA team that got it’s first taste of success last season.  And rookie Elfrid Payton has a lot of promise and opportunity early in the year to impress.  Not the 3 PG’s I would target going into the auction but not a completely unhappy trio.


Pekovic could be a steal in the reserve – as he’s starting and should be able to hold off Gorgui Dieng for a while.  Tristan Thompson is intriguing as he’s playing for a contract and provides energy, rebounding and a fit on the loaded CLE roster.  Perhaps he could develop into a Marcus Camby type player (minus the ability to block shots?).


This team has something here – decent depth – not reliant on a single player – good centers and guards.  What missing is a PF type player – though Amir Johnson should prove to be startable – and John Henson has potential.  Statistically and oddly this squad projects to be strong in Assists and Blocks.  But light on steals and possibly FG%.  It’s a mixed bag – and a team with Quality – but perhaps not the right mix?  A trade or two to balance this team out would be my recommendation.  Though Paul and the word trade can be difficult word pairing to get into a sentence that doesn’t include the famous Paulie trade response – “Let me get Back to you..”…



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