CHIBA 2014 – PART 3


NEMESIS: the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.

Thus is how I view Leon Tachauer though as far as NemeSES go – it’s not like he has any rings to polish during those long cold offseasons.  Thinking of him and his long everlasting and unrequited desire to be a champion at SOMETHING keeps me warm during the cold winter nights.

Then again a Nemesis is someone you respect and ASIDE from the RIDICULOUS offers that Leon can at times float by you – Leon is a worthy adversary that seems to always put together a solid team – language barrier notwithstanding.  I’ve always got one eye on his squad.

Topless Birds

The Doppleganger

I can't tell the difference between TP and Leon either!

I can’t tell the difference between TP and Leon either!

The headliner of the Topless Birds is none other than somewhat look alike Tony Parker.  Acquired for a pitiful $8 – if Parker makes 3’s like he has early in the season – he could be in for a late renaissance fantasy season.  But as with all Spurs you have to adjust for the games he will sit and the rationing of minutes he will receive  as part of the Spurs aging graceful plan.

The Dynamic Duo

Harden and Ibaka reunited!

Harden and Ibaka reunited!  Ahem…

Harden and Ibaka are the 2 real anchors of this team – representing more than half of Leon’s salary cap at $55 and $50 apiece.  And a very good complement they are providing production at all 7 categories.  Take Note fellow CHIBA owners – this is how you build the foundation of a roster!


Complementing Leon’s Duo are bigs Greg Monroe and Larry Sanders – for another $50 – Leon’s Big 4 in other words comprise 3/4 of his salary.  But once again you have to like the upside.  If Sanders comes back and blocks shots – he will be near the top of that scarce category.  If you’re going to double down on something – do it on big man stats (REB/BLK/FG%) – guards are ALWAYS available on the FA wire.  But this pair unlike the first 2 come with question marks.  From Sanders instable off-court behavior last season to Monroe’s PT situation in Detroit.

Depth Chart

Collison and Jennings were bottom of the barrel point guards for cheap (well Jennings wasn’t that cheap $16).  Both have question marks though both can produce given the opportunity.  They will both need to beat out challenges on their own teams as well as win the trust of their coaches.  I’d gamble on one – but both is asking for at least one loss.  Jeff Green and Demarre Carroll are filler – though Green has some usage potential in BOS and should be in a good situation as long as he does not get traded…  Plumlee is a half decent center – who if you’re starting means bad news for your team.

Exum is a nice stash for the 2nd half though it may have been better to wait to pick him up and he’s no sure bet for value this year.  Gordon was a good pick that still may prove to have something left in a good situation in NO. Jason Smith is a nice piece on the Knicks that should start getting more PT and Ben McLemore is a lottery bust so far but still a talented piece.  Not Leon’s best reserve draft by any stretch but still a good effort.



This team has as good a balance as any team – though it clearly relies on a big 4 for production and is vulnerable to any injury to one of the key players.  Assuming they stay healthy – it’s all up to the depth around that core.  If they produce it will be the good balance with strong showings in all categories – if not – it will be a balance of mediocrity.  Blocks should be an asset for trading for help – and if things don’t start out good a 2 for 1 deal for one of the core could be the best plan.  I assume Leon will be in contention as he is every year and THIS YEAR I even look forward to his first offer of Darren Collison for Kobe Bryant.



Over the years much has been proscribed to Mike Agnello’s seemingly magical ability to stroll into a room full of laptops and software and internet connections with a crumpled up piece of looseleaf which we of course then worship like some sacred document.

The Truth is obviously that Mike is a supremely prepared fantasy enthusiast – because his roots come from that other pursuit which is data intensive and even more demanding – gambling.


First of all Agnello ended up rostering a star combination of centers in DMC and Al Jefferson.  This combination provides everything except for 3’s and a huge amount of points and rebounds as well as a great base FG% to build on.

On the other end PGs Jrue Holiday and Mike Conley – were 2 solid rosters for guys that maybe have a little less hype this year but clear opportunity and the youth to still yet take another step forward.  Neither makes a ton of shots from long distance however which would have been an even better fit.

Once again about 3/4 of the salary cap for 4 players – but a good mix of stats and a strong basis to build around.


So how about the rest of that roster.  Well if there’s one thing that seems a bit overlooked it’s the Forwards.  Derrick Favors was a nice solid roster – but a bit pricy at $32…  then there were discount pickups on Jared Sullinger, Danny Green (3’s) and Bogdan Bogdanovich (3’s and the Agnello Special).  Some upside here – but not necessarily 3 guys you want in the starting lineup of a contending team.

The Bench

Julius Randle had some potential.. doh!  Morris and Porter have opportunity and Khris Middleton is a starter (for now).  Some spot starts here but nothing amazing to write home about.


It’s nice to have a sycophant.  Every Damon Wayans needs a Kadeem Hardison (not just for the comedy but also for the confidence).  While Leon may worship at the altar of all things Agnello – I prefer to simply hold him in high respect.  And this season he’s put together an interesting roster that certainly has a chance to contend.  I like the Big Small balance – and if there’s a category that can be covered over or punted it’s 3’s (moreso than blocks).  Look out for this team in 2014/15.


It’s hard to imagine that once – two of the most opinionated, stubborn and confrontational owners in CHIBA were once a TEAM.  And they even had success together!  Separately they’ve yet to find their stride.  Perhaps there was some intangible balance they provided eachother that they couldn’t see?



Personally I didn’t want KD this year.  I knew he’d go for somewhere between $40 and $50 – and at $50 I thought there was no room for profit – and at $40 it was minimal.  Plus you have to make sure you draft a team that can hold the fort down until your savior arrives.  The question is does Dosh have enough to stay close enough to make a run with KD?



Well I can understand at $22 that the price was enticing – but it’s just hard to say that D Rose will be able to play a full season at this point.  And even if he does – at what cost to his game will making sure he stays healthy be? I always like the 2nd year after an injury and though technically this is the 1st year – I don’t have a good feeling about this and not just because he burnt me last year..


Chris Bosh was highlighted, circled, bolded and italicized on my list.  F/C eligibility and the center of the Heat’s Lebron-less offense – sign me up.  Somehow I lost track of Bosh (someone stashed him for a LONG time on their list) – and he ended up on Dosh’s team. (Dosh/Bosh – I can’t be the first one to think of this..)  This could be the acquisition of the season for Dosh as Bosh is off to a first round value start at the heady price of $27.

Then again it IS Chris Bosh so let’s temper expectations a little…


It’s a solid roster through and through that has a credible chance to weather the season until KD returns.  I’d feel better with a real PG to go with Rose – though Isaiah Thomas won’t lack for minutes in PHO and production.  Hayward and Derozan are solid contributors.  Noel will be a strong blocks contributor, and Jordan Hill has been knocking down shots early in the year and very involved in the Laker offense.

Old man David West is the kind of player that won’t give up even in a fruitless effort in Indiana.  And Kawhi Leonard is the future in SA even though his emergence probably means more in real basketball than it does in fantasy.


Mozgov will definitely be startable in DEN getting minutes and providing pts, rebs/blks and FG%.  Fournier has an opportunity but not so much talent in ORL.  Wes Johnson reportedly worked out with Kobe in LA but will anyone but Kobe get stats in the Lakers lost cause?


This team rates pretty high – but it’s title hopes rest on the knees of Derrick Rose, the healing ability of Durant’s foot and the heart of Chris Bosh.  2 out of those 3 seem like good bets to disappoint.  Still this is a contending team – and if they are anywhere near the top half of the standings when Durant returns – look out!

Unfortunately for KD – the BASED GOD Rules!  F KD!


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