CHIBA 2014 – Part 4

November 17, 2014

Down the home stretch we come with our last 3 non-ME division teams.  Let’s jump right in with this group of contenders starting with:

Team Dylan – De La Soul

The Rise of Steph Curry



Live by the three, die by the three.  Steph Curry and Dylan are tied at the hip.  He’s suffered through his ankle injury plagued season – and also reaped the reward of owning a mostly healthy deadeye shooter and point guard combo that has taken the league by storm.

What Dylan DOESN'T want to see this year...

What Dylan DOESN’T want to see this year…

At Davidson Curry was a special player for sure – but it’s amazing that his ball handling, passing and ability to create his own shot have carried over so well in the NBA. Depending how you value 3’s it was arguable that Curry was the most valuable fantasy player in 2013-14.

In any case Curry basically wins you the 3 category as well as providing significant contributions to points, assists and steals – and he doesn’t even hurt your FG%…

All that’s necessary to a winning formula is to find some bigs to build around Curry.


DeAndre Jordan and Lamarcus Aldridge lead the rest of the roster – and while both have flaws – they perhaps fit together to form a great statistical combo.  Aldridge provides a consistent and top flight scorer and rebounder while Jordan adds in blocks, more boards and a solid FG% since he rarely shoots unless he’s dunking.

Together they form a solid base of big man stats necessary in CHIBA.


An astute collection of cheaper players is what makes this team dangerous.  If you had to surround Curry, Jordan and Aldridge with NBA chattel you’d be in trouble and working the waiver wire furiously (doing desperate things like going all in for random SFs or Imam Shumpert…)

Instead a solid pair of guards in Joe Johnson and Alec Burks.  SGs are undervalued but both Burks and Johnson provide some assist support and both can of course – score and shoot.  Both are also off to good starts providing Dylan needed depth and production. George Hill unfortunately started off the season with an injury but Dylan has a potential PG who may have a great opportunity on a depleted Indiana roster later in the year.

Markieff Morris has been a nice player in Phoenix with an all around game.  Trevor Ariza has made the transition from Chandler Parsons relatively easy and painless so far in Houston – providing defense and spacing for the Rockets Big 2 and chipping in with his own scoring.  Taj Gibson is stuck in a deep frontcourt in CHI but all he does is good things when he gets a chance to play – not as good a player in fantasy as in real life but a solid contributor.  Gorgui Dieng is a stash and hope with alot of potential – could just be a matter of time before the TWolves move on from Pekovic to their young big man.


Not much to talk about here – Olynyk may be a borderline starter – but the rest of the reserves – Gordon is a stash and wait, Stuckey was waived and Turner is garbage – well at least there’s easy decisions to make as to what to waive (or it has been easy).  A good auction but a poor reserve draft – could come back to haunt down the road.


This is a contending team on the strength of it’s core and the cheap complements that should provide solid production.  Indeed as of the week 3 this is the first place team (with some competition).  Of course – any bumps and bruises on Curry will be felt – but the same can be said for any team with a pricy superstar.  The waiver wire will be the key – injuries will happen and will Dylan be able to fill the gaps that will inevitably occur.  Hill coming back as a starting and productive PG is a key otherwise one adjustment that may need to be made is looking for a average PG to add to this team.

This team looks like a contender (duh) and a good bet to be in the hunt for the title.

Andy’s LeBlatts

The KEY to the season is these two turning into a dynamic duo.

The KEY to the season is these two turning into a dynamic duo for both CLE and ANDY.

The formula for winning CHIBA used to be pretty simple.  Get a high enough pick to secure one of the top players.  Get lucky and have that top player stay healthy and even potentially have a career year.  Build the rest of the roster around that player and collect winnings.

Of course – not every attempt at this formula has worked and the introduction of an auction format has made it much more difficult.  The nominating rights rule has also thrown a monkey wrench into valuation by leading to variance and a bit of randomness to when players are made available.

Any team with Lebron James starts and ends their conversation with said player.  Given the publicity surrounding his move and the remake of the CLE roster – this is a most interesting year to own the King.  But Andy didn’t just buy Lebron but also his running mate and current nemesis Kyrie Irving.

The drama in Cleveland alone is probably worth the price – and if the young PG and the seasoned MVP are able to figure it out – it could be something amazing both in fantasy and in real life.  As of right now LBJ hasn’t been QUITE worth his price – but it’s early and I’m sure James will get his soon enough.

Rondo and Bledsoe

I choose Rondo.

I choose Rondo.

Rondo has been a great gamble and a huge win for this team at $24.  He’s still not 100% but pumping out assists and steals like the Rondo of old.  Trade or no trade – he’s going to return a heady profit and is the kind of gamble that wins titles when combined with Lebron James.  Bledsoe got a max contract and a good size investment from Andy but has been inconsistent in PHO so far.  His scoring is up and down as well as his other numbers – it’s been a big surprise that Isaiah Thomas has been the most consistent of the 3 PHO PGs.

Self – Center(ed)s

Tyson couldn't handle playing with this clown anymore...

Tyson couldn’t handle playing with this clown anymore…

Ty Chandler and Marcin Gortat make a up a pair of very servicable centers for a low price – providing FG%, Blocks and Boards from the pivot.  Chandler for one has looked energized now removed from the Melo-drama at the Garden and the burden of being a selfless team player and the only one even remotely concerned about defense (which remains half the game last I checked) on a team dominated by a ball hogging self-centered wannabe superstar who is only interested in winning on his own terms.  (Melo rant over for now…).  It’s good to be in Dallas for Tyson and we wish him the best.

The Trade

You can't go wrong with Timmy Duncan on any team.

You can’t go wrong with Timmy Duncan on any team.

Early in the year Andy dealt David Lee and Kyle Korver for Tim Duncan and Vince Carter.  On paper a pretty even deal – and so far Irving has been able to carry the team in 3’s while Duncan provides a real big in the forward rotation and even has played the 2nd game of a few back to backs so far this year.  Too early to tell – but so far aside from Korver’s hot start – a pretty even deal and a beneficial one for Andy’s team.  Ain’t no one Andy gave up gonna end up on the cover of a Wheaties Box after all.

Lack of Depth

A shooting guard that shoots like THIS is a problem...

A shooting guard that shoots like THIS is a problem…

If there’s a weakness to this team it’s depth.  Beyond the stars and starters – there are few reliable sources of replacement.  Affalo has been a major disappointment as has everything in Denver.  Green and Mayo are one dimensional and streaky players.  Teletovic, MKG, and Adams are barely startable.  Waiver Wire Roulette is a key for this team.


NEVER count out a team with Lebron.  At any point in time he can elevate his game and take any squad on his back and to the top of the standings.  Rondo and Irving are legitimate stars to complement LBJ and the rest of the starting roster is contention worthy.  There is NO BENCH whatsoever and any injury to the key players will leave a gaping hole in the team.  Can Andy’s 7 beat team’s of 8?  With LBJ all things are possible.

Glenn’s Insert Medical Terminology Here


When your the LPMVP damn right you have an 11 minute highlight reel!

Every once in a while a player comes along worth the price of admission to an NBA game.  Welcome Anthony Davis to a short list of players worth watching alone – (MJ, Dr. J, The Bird, Magic, Shaq, Lebron, Kobe, Durant, VC (for a short span), Iverson, Yao, Lin)

We wondered where Davis had room to grow – well he’s so far setting career highs in pts, rebs, steals, blocks and and FG%.  He’s clearly the best player in fantasy and the most interesting collection of skills and body type to come around in a long time.  Who do you compare Davis to?  He’s a super athletic 7 Footer with guard like agility, incredible shot blocking, and shooting range out to an unfair distance.  He can post guys athletic enough to guard him on the perimeter and face up and go around guys big enough to defend him in the post.

I mean you’d really have to work hard to NOT win the league with a healthy Anthony Davis on your roster this year…


Klay Thompson has been a revelation and surprising steal so far.  In addition to upgrading his scoring he’s chipped in with assists and steals and has been dropping 3’s and shooting the ball.  Still his peripherals remain subpar – but he looks to be a solid source or pts and 3’s.  John Wall is a great complement to Davis and Klay should cover for his lack of the three ball – holding it down with elite PG numbers.  Dragic has been an enigma so far this year (and by enigma I mean NIGHTMARE) – the least of the 3 PGs in PHO – (Andy don’t complain anymore about Bledsoe) we think he’ll come around – but so far a disappointing start.  Wiggins has potential but should not be starting on an NBA or fantasy roster as of yet.


Luol Deng provides some solid stats though no longer the all around fantasy utility man he once was.  Ryan Anderson is back and a great complement for 3’s to Davis getting plenty of opportunities with AD going wild.

And Then there was the wasteland.  Ilyasova needs out of MIL bad.  Ersanity is a distant distant memory.  KG should have retired rather than leave Boston – basically a shell of his former self and no longer even a locker room contributor because of his ineffectiveness on the court.  Spencer Hawes was supposed to provide versatility in LA – but has been underwhelming as have the Clippers – even the best teams need to shake things up every year.

Bench Mob

The Bench is pretty underwhelming unfortunately though Kevin Martin is still scoring and making 3’s at least.  After that – Jameer Nelson should be better but has been marginalized in DAL.  Stauskas and Harkless bench picks have been waived as Glenn tries to mine the waiver wire for help.  So far unsuccessfully…  All three teams here will face some challenges filling out their roster – but as long as their stars stay healthy – they should all be fine.  Benches only matter when someone gets hurt after all..  But then, this IS the NBA – where EVERYONE gets hurt…


Look – I’m NOT counting out ANY team with the best player in fantasy hoops by FAR.  But if there was a way to NOT win with a god like Anthony Davis – this is probably one of the rare combinations.  Davis will at least provide relevance in almost every category – but perhaps one of the 3 balling Forwards (Anderson/Klay) should be dealt for help – another big – or a 2 for 1 for Wall…

Something needs to be shaken up – to keep AD from being a mere highlight rather than contender in CHIBA!  It just ain’t right!  Save AD!

And with that I leave you with a completely unrelated and yet hilarious link that I highly recommend you click on so that when I yell BUH-LAH-KE or AY_AY-RON at next year’s auction we can all laugh.


CHIBA 2014 – PART 3

November 12, 2014


NEMESIS: the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall.

Thus is how I view Leon Tachauer though as far as NemeSES go – it’s not like he has any rings to polish during those long cold offseasons.  Thinking of him and his long everlasting and unrequited desire to be a champion at SOMETHING keeps me warm during the cold winter nights.

Then again a Nemesis is someone you respect and ASIDE from the RIDICULOUS offers that Leon can at times float by you – Leon is a worthy adversary that seems to always put together a solid team – language barrier notwithstanding.  I’ve always got one eye on his squad.

Topless Birds

The Doppleganger

I can't tell the difference between TP and Leon either!

I can’t tell the difference between TP and Leon either!

The headliner of the Topless Birds is none other than somewhat look alike Tony Parker.  Acquired for a pitiful $8 – if Parker makes 3’s like he has early in the season – he could be in for a late renaissance fantasy season.  But as with all Spurs you have to adjust for the games he will sit and the rationing of minutes he will receive  as part of the Spurs aging graceful plan.

The Dynamic Duo

Harden and Ibaka reunited!

Harden and Ibaka reunited!  Ahem…

Harden and Ibaka are the 2 real anchors of this team – representing more than half of Leon’s salary cap at $55 and $50 apiece.  And a very good complement they are providing production at all 7 categories.  Take Note fellow CHIBA owners – this is how you build the foundation of a roster!


Complementing Leon’s Duo are bigs Greg Monroe and Larry Sanders – for another $50 – Leon’s Big 4 in other words comprise 3/4 of his salary.  But once again you have to like the upside.  If Sanders comes back and blocks shots – he will be near the top of that scarce category.  If you’re going to double down on something – do it on big man stats (REB/BLK/FG%) – guards are ALWAYS available on the FA wire.  But this pair unlike the first 2 come with question marks.  From Sanders instable off-court behavior last season to Monroe’s PT situation in Detroit.

Depth Chart

Collison and Jennings were bottom of the barrel point guards for cheap (well Jennings wasn’t that cheap $16).  Both have question marks though both can produce given the opportunity.  They will both need to beat out challenges on their own teams as well as win the trust of their coaches.  I’d gamble on one – but both is asking for at least one loss.  Jeff Green and Demarre Carroll are filler – though Green has some usage potential in BOS and should be in a good situation as long as he does not get traded…  Plumlee is a half decent center – who if you’re starting means bad news for your team.

Exum is a nice stash for the 2nd half though it may have been better to wait to pick him up and he’s no sure bet for value this year.  Gordon was a good pick that still may prove to have something left in a good situation in NO. Jason Smith is a nice piece on the Knicks that should start getting more PT and Ben McLemore is a lottery bust so far but still a talented piece.  Not Leon’s best reserve draft by any stretch but still a good effort.



This team has as good a balance as any team – though it clearly relies on a big 4 for production and is vulnerable to any injury to one of the key players.  Assuming they stay healthy – it’s all up to the depth around that core.  If they produce it will be the good balance with strong showings in all categories – if not – it will be a balance of mediocrity.  Blocks should be an asset for trading for help – and if things don’t start out good a 2 for 1 deal for one of the core could be the best plan.  I assume Leon will be in contention as he is every year and THIS YEAR I even look forward to his first offer of Darren Collison for Kobe Bryant.



Over the years much has been proscribed to Mike Agnello’s seemingly magical ability to stroll into a room full of laptops and software and internet connections with a crumpled up piece of looseleaf which we of course then worship like some sacred document.

The Truth is obviously that Mike is a supremely prepared fantasy enthusiast – because his roots come from that other pursuit which is data intensive and even more demanding – gambling.


First of all Agnello ended up rostering a star combination of centers in DMC and Al Jefferson.  This combination provides everything except for 3’s and a huge amount of points and rebounds as well as a great base FG% to build on.

On the other end PGs Jrue Holiday and Mike Conley – were 2 solid rosters for guys that maybe have a little less hype this year but clear opportunity and the youth to still yet take another step forward.  Neither makes a ton of shots from long distance however which would have been an even better fit.

Once again about 3/4 of the salary cap for 4 players – but a good mix of stats and a strong basis to build around.


So how about the rest of that roster.  Well if there’s one thing that seems a bit overlooked it’s the Forwards.  Derrick Favors was a nice solid roster – but a bit pricy at $32…  then there were discount pickups on Jared Sullinger, Danny Green (3’s) and Bogdan Bogdanovich (3’s and the Agnello Special).  Some upside here – but not necessarily 3 guys you want in the starting lineup of a contending team.

The Bench

Julius Randle had some potential.. doh!  Morris and Porter have opportunity and Khris Middleton is a starter (for now).  Some spot starts here but nothing amazing to write home about.


It’s nice to have a sycophant.  Every Damon Wayans needs a Kadeem Hardison (not just for the comedy but also for the confidence).  While Leon may worship at the altar of all things Agnello – I prefer to simply hold him in high respect.  And this season he’s put together an interesting roster that certainly has a chance to contend.  I like the Big Small balance – and if there’s a category that can be covered over or punted it’s 3’s (moreso than blocks).  Look out for this team in 2014/15.


It’s hard to imagine that once – two of the most opinionated, stubborn and confrontational owners in CHIBA were once a TEAM.  And they even had success together!  Separately they’ve yet to find their stride.  Perhaps there was some intangible balance they provided eachother that they couldn’t see?



Personally I didn’t want KD this year.  I knew he’d go for somewhere between $40 and $50 – and at $50 I thought there was no room for profit – and at $40 it was minimal.  Plus you have to make sure you draft a team that can hold the fort down until your savior arrives.  The question is does Dosh have enough to stay close enough to make a run with KD?



Well I can understand at $22 that the price was enticing – but it’s just hard to say that D Rose will be able to play a full season at this point.  And even if he does – at what cost to his game will making sure he stays healthy be? I always like the 2nd year after an injury and though technically this is the 1st year – I don’t have a good feeling about this and not just because he burnt me last year..


Chris Bosh was highlighted, circled, bolded and italicized on my list.  F/C eligibility and the center of the Heat’s Lebron-less offense – sign me up.  Somehow I lost track of Bosh (someone stashed him for a LONG time on their list) – and he ended up on Dosh’s team. (Dosh/Bosh – I can’t be the first one to think of this..)  This could be the acquisition of the season for Dosh as Bosh is off to a first round value start at the heady price of $27.

Then again it IS Chris Bosh so let’s temper expectations a little…


It’s a solid roster through and through that has a credible chance to weather the season until KD returns.  I’d feel better with a real PG to go with Rose – though Isaiah Thomas won’t lack for minutes in PHO and production.  Hayward and Derozan are solid contributors.  Noel will be a strong blocks contributor, and Jordan Hill has been knocking down shots early in the year and very involved in the Laker offense.

Old man David West is the kind of player that won’t give up even in a fruitless effort in Indiana.  And Kawhi Leonard is the future in SA even though his emergence probably means more in real basketball than it does in fantasy.


Mozgov will definitely be startable in DEN getting minutes and providing pts, rebs/blks and FG%.  Fournier has an opportunity but not so much talent in ORL.  Wes Johnson reportedly worked out with Kobe in LA but will anyone but Kobe get stats in the Lakers lost cause?


This team rates pretty high – but it’s title hopes rest on the knees of Derrick Rose, the healing ability of Durant’s foot and the heart of Chris Bosh.  2 out of those 3 seem like good bets to disappoint.  Still this is a contending team – and if they are anywhere near the top half of the standings when Durant returns – look out!

Unfortunately for KD – the BASED GOD Rules!  F KD!

A Video Collection of my CHIBA 2012-13 Team to Be Named Later…

October 29, 2012

So you just drafted your fantasy team and you can’t wait for the 48 hours before the season kicks off?  What to do to satiate your fix?  Watch YouTube highlight videos of your just drafted team!

With the power of video – you can start getting hyped up for your upcoming fantasy season before reality sets in and instead of highlight reels you’ll be fed a steady diet of injury reports and Coach’s Decision – DNPs…

Looking back on the auction – perhaps I watched a few too many of these videos BEFORE that fateful day.

You’ll see what I mean…

Without further ado – here’s a video collection that will probably only REALLY interest ME – but on the plus side – I can always click back to this post for a vision of what could have been…

Everything starts and ends this season (of course) with Jeremy Lin.

Here’s my favorite of the plethora of Lin highlight videos available online.  It comforts me to know – that no matter what  – we’ll always have this.

Seriously – I watch this video too often for my own good…

Moving on – in no particular order – here’s the video that almost made me spend $5 on Andre Drummond.  The regular season will most likely provide much needed perspective as to why you should not base your perception of a player on a highlight video (of preseason games)…  Then again – if you do click on the video – are you seeing what I’m seeing?

My apologies to Miles for taking his favorite player.  He’s about to become my favorite player – on a team that I think could show us all there’s a different path to an NBA title.

Did you know that there were enough Omer Asik highlights to make a 9 minute video?  Neither did I…  The title of this video is Asik and Destroy – ’nuff said…

And there you have it – I won’t torture you with episodes of Damien Lillard’s License to Lillard Youtube Series – or Manu Ginobili mullet flashbacks.

Instead – looking forward to some new highlights – starting this week.

2011 SALLY DRAFT – Has it REALLY been 16 Years?

March 27, 2011

Have we really been doing this since 1996?  Over beers after the auction yesterday – we tried counting years by championships (the ONLY way to count) and we came up with this:

Miles – 5

Mas – 3

Le – 2

Andy/Rod – 2

Steve – 1

Glenn/Chris – 1

Poss 1

That’s 15 I think – Making 2011 our Sweet Sixteen year…  Amazing – start circling 2015 on your calendars – for our 20th Anniversary we’re going to do something special!  (or maybe I can’t wait that long and we’ll have to go for 18!)

In any case – had an incredible time yesterday.  Few things make me feel as alive as the auction.  Stuck in a hot sweaty room with some of my closest friends in the world to match wits, screw, and above all LAUGH at each other.

Some years I am a little too focused.  Some years – I am underprepared (like the time I forgot half my prep sheet).  And some years – things outside of the auction somehow creep in to the bubble I’ve tried to create around that day (and the days leading up to it).

This year – I felt balanced and secure.  Not over-prepped, not under…  Secure in the knowledge of last year’s championship.  With my own biases and opinions that I had developed in the week leading up – and comfortable with giving myself the freedom to chase.

In any case it was a lot of fun.  And I’m not just talking about my award for BEST USE of PAUSES (Adam Laroche, Johnny Cueto).  Even the parts that weren’t so enjoyable in the moment are nostalgic a day after.  From the annual – playing of the same video clip over and over (what goes on – on that right side of the room???), to Glenn’s annual attempts to push me over the edge (which did not even faze me this year), to a Miles righteous (and admittedly correct) proclamation on a rule, to Steve’s incessant late draft “waitasec – what just happened?” (ok – maybe I don’t miss that so much).

Bah – it’s a great day – and it sucks that we have to wait another year.  But at the same time – Opening Day just a few tantalizing days away – suffice it to say:  CAN”T WAIT:

Please feel free to put your auction reviews in the commentary of this post.  Will make it easer for everyone else just to check in and read – and reduce the clutter in our mailboxes… (or not – I ain’t telling you what to do…)

2011 Auction Review – COMMISH’S PT OF VIEW

Went in with a decided plan for 2011.  To emphasize hitting – eschew balance and try to capture value and trade for balance during the season.  Initially I modeled a number of $9 pitching staffs.  But none of them worked out.   Instead I worked out three slotted templates with different splits from 220/40 to 170/60 for hitting/pitching respectively. The plan was to go 220/40 and to stock the rotation with a few selected starters – and a bunch of middle relievers.

What ACTUALLY happened…

Fielder 31 was a steal (according to my valuations).  Tejada at 10 was a value based on the scarcity of power at the SS position.  (would you rather have Sea Bass at 11 or Tejada at 10?).  All according to plan so far.   Patiently sat and waited until the end of the third round – when two of my targets popped.  Brandon Philips – who I ranked as the top 2B on the board (and got at $25) and Hunter Pence who I love this season at the admittedly high price of $33.  I was still on track until Ubaldo popped – and I could not resist – blowing up my initial pitching plan for him at $31.  Broxton at $16 was a WTF – change of gears – and I do believe in his return to form (possibly foolishly – see Lidge, Brad).

For the rest of the draft I did succeed in rostering hitters – and obtaining power in all spots.  I did NOT plan on rostering so many Giants – but I was surprised to see them all go as values.  Perhaps 2010 WAS a fluke?  Carlos Gomez was an indulgence – but as the current starter and with his SB potential (and a little unnoticed pop) – I felt there was upside even at 13. (Note: trade of Morgan to MIL – makes this bid a probable LOSE – /hate Nyjer Morgan)

The great pitching hunt at the end of the draft could’ve gone better – but I did get target Randy Wells (who I love this season)  – and Richard and Jurrgens at respectable prices.

Reached for 2 rookies I love in Parker and Teheran – going to have to make some tough roster decisions as I grab MRs to fill those spots – and evaluate if I can function with a shortened bench.

Overall I’m happy.  Totally realize that no projection system will find my team high based on balance and the pitching I’ve assembled.  But I think I captured value in every spot except for a few guys I targeted.  We’ll see how it unfolds – but I’m obviously in the market for pitching from Day 1 (send offers anytime).  BA is a concern – and crucial to my plan as is ERA/Ratio.  But I don’t think I’ll have a problem with any of the hitting counting stats (R, RBI, HR, SB).


Geo Soto $16 – with inflation and position scarcity has room for upside

Yadi Molina $8 – always underrated – worth this much from BA alone.

Fielder $31 – contract year – 26 y/o – the stars are aligned!

I Stewart $11 – guys that produce the year AFTER they are hyped….

Tulowitzki $37 – it’s splitting hairs but $3 extra dollars is $3 extra dollars yo – even if you waste them on Kenley Jansen.

Jason Bay $18 – great price if he suffers no ill effects from concussion.  Kicking myself on this one…

Chris Coghlan $11 – GREAT price for a guy I think will bounce back from a tough 2010

Ross $11/Burrell $9 – unless you roster them both in which case you will be cursed with watching many a low scoring SF boxscore…

Y Gallardo $25 – possible $30+ upside – would trade Ubaldo for him and the extra $6 in a second.

Matt Cain $25 – all he does is turn in $30 pitching season consistently and efficiently.

Wandy $18 – VERY unhappy to see him go for cheap – think he will step up in 2011

Joel Hanrahan $11 – WTF were we doing when Hanrahan came out?


Martin Prado $27 – enjoy the positional flexibility – but $27?  Only downside.

Pedro Alvarez $26 – all them young Pirates ain’t breaking out at the same time – needs another year

Carlos Pena $20 – not egregious – but a ton of BA risk to take on for the promise of 30 HRs…

Bill Hall $16 – not a believer that he is returning to form

Jose Lopez $13 – didn’t he lose his job to someone name Jonathan Herrera?  Possible salvation via trade…

Skip Schumaker $8 – more a response to Andy’s note – Schumaker offers no value except for BA and a place in the lineup – zero pop and zero speed.  No upside at $8 (let alone $16!!!!)

Ronny Cedeno $8 – do you still think Tejada at $10 is a bad value??  Didn’t think so…

Brian Wilson $22 – just too high a price for any closer IMHO

Kenley Jansen $9 – Broxton has some issues I know – but there’s a difference between speculating and BANKING…

Huston Street $18 – premium price for a non-premium goods

SALLY THOUGHTS T-13 Days – PHASE 2 – Who the hell is Juan Miranda?

March 14, 2011

Qualifies at DH only and an ex-Yankee. Didn't know that 2 days ago.

First off – thanks to those who asked – my wife’s family is safe and sound in Kyushu – far away from the disaster.  Still unbelievable images, stories, and destruction coming from Japan – my wife is on a 48 hour dose of TV Japan right now – thankfully baseball at least serves as a distraction.

Finally started my prep this weekend – getting the list together – calculating the baseline numbers – what positions need to be drafted – how much money – and tagging a seemingly never ending list of multi positional players.

I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts – because more to come – though a little more baseball focused.  Basically I’m going to lay it all out there before the auction if I have time.  Because in case you hadn’t figured this out already:

There ARE NO SECRETS in SALLY… (I’ll explain in later post)


Someone asked a player on a team that had just won their 3rd championship –  which of the title seasons and teams was his FAVORITE.  He replied – “The Next One!”

I always thought that winning for the first time would always be the best feeling in the world.  A special season to treasure forever.  While I’m sure you’re all grimacing or getting ready to skim down the page – for those of you who stay – I’m gonna take my literary victory lap right here. I now know (on a much smaller scale) how those dynastic teams felt – each victory – each championship – just keeps getting better and better. For those of you not named Miles or Tim – I’ll explain:

THAT LUCKY M@tH@fu(k@!

The first once could be a fluke – a magical season and you JUST KNOW the naysayers are chuckling behind your back about how many things broke your way – summing up your accomplishment in 3 words – NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

And sure – you’re one up on everyone else – AND the monkey is off your back.  But have you really accomplished ANYTHING when any Lloyd, Chris or Paulie is just a season from being your equal?


Any time you can work Rob Base and EZ Rock into a post - you do.

The second is affirmation – it’s validation –  you take it more in stride publicly – but secretly you look at everyone like a hater – then you feel your chest swell up and wonder – “what’s that?”   It’s PRIDE!  You’ve done something that can’t be simply explained away with a little luck.  You can know write and say outrageous things from time to time – and when someone calls you on it – or tries to argue with you – you’ve got this in your back pocket to pull out anytime you want.  Use it wisely.



THREE things that will make me smile every day in 2011

The third?  Well you’re almost embarassed with the third.  Not embarassed for your fellow defeated league-mates (ok – maybe a little) – but y’know what?  The THIRD means more to you than the first two.

It means in the age of ultra competitiveness – with the same information available to everyone – with every owner in SALLY prepared to the highest degree – your judgment, your opinions, your execution, your DECISIONS – set YOU apart.

For all you care – you can go to CHINA for a couple of months, completely away from baseball – take a redeye flight back and prep with a flimsy magazine on the plane for a few hours – basically mail in a WHOLE season – and HAH – what does it mean to you. It means nothing.  It’ll be many many years before someone can touch you.  You know it – and THEY know it.

It’s hard to win SALLY.  Or CHIBA for that matter.  If it was easy – if the league were a bunch of patsies and marks – it would be meaningless.

So I/we salute you.  (The Royal) WE wish you luck in the upcoming season.  And secretly – while WE will be saying the right things like – how WE’RE rooting for a new champion – for someone to step up and join the exclusive SALLY champion’s club – and how we don’t want to be selfish – that’s all just a smokescreen.

Deep down – WE’RE desperately chasing #4.  WE can’t help it.  That’s how WE do.  Cuz it’s all about:

Bucket List – Part II – My Own Personal Addendum

January 27, 2010

Bucket List Addendum – Things that need to be added:

Continued from my post months ago – this draft was sitting there waiting to be published.  And unlike most of my unpublished drafts – this one hasn’t be rendered obsolete by updated news.

For the thousands that have stumbled here the past few days looking for naked pictures of Greg Oden – welcome!  If you somehow like what you see – leave a comment.  If my viewer base rises from the 10+ that currently read to 100+ – I’ll even promise to change this blog to all about Oden (and I mean ALL) – for my new readership!

Take the Day Off and Go To Opening Day

Yes it’s COLD.  Early April is usually still on the frigid side for outdoor sports.  But if you’re a fan – Opening Day is just the greatest of all days.  Regardless of the pessimism, the million times you’ve complained about your team’s front office – or the mercenary attitudes of your players – hope springs eternal.  And never more than on that day of days.  How can you miss that sense of community – to gather with 50,000+ other lost souls to pray for THIS year to be THE year…

Steal a Base

If there’s no stealing in your softball league – steal one anyway – there’s nothing like the thrill of taking off for second and sliding in under the tag.   It’s exhilirating – it feels wrong – but at the same time it feels free – It’s like… STEALING!

Score on a Squeeze

And there’s nothing more terrifying than running towards home with the pitch heading to the plate and having to rely on the batter to bunt the ball in play or be dead meat…  Extra thrills as the question of whether the batter got the sign – and if you are not only plunging towards a speeding ball, and an armored behemoth, but also a swung metal club.

Throw a runner out

There are very few exciting moments in the OF – but the one shot for OF glory is gunning down a runner.  Helps to have an arm – but even if you make a good cutoff throw and get the runner – you still get the same (well almost) jolt.  If football like touchdown celebrations were allowed in baseball – this would be one of those things that you should be allowed to do a dance after.  I mean is there a more F U moment in baseball than gunning someone down from the basepaths?  Actually…

Strike Someone Out

Wiffleball, stickball, video game – doesn’t matter – K’ing someone is the ultimate F you in baseball.  Extra points for a crotch grab as you get the ball back from your first baseman.  You can just play it off as a cup adjustment.

Man do I want to write more on this – but if I START – I’ll never stop.

Get thrown out of a game

I don’t recommend making a habit of this – but once in your life – it’s ok to lose it over a bad call – a close pitch – or that hip check the third baseman tried to give you as you rounded third.  Not that this has ever happened to me…

Be involved in a baseball/softball scrum

Of all the sports related altercations – baseball donnybrooks are the safest of them all.  Assuming you aren’t one of the instigators.  But even if you are – if you can delay the exchange of blows long enough – the ensuing gathering of bodies will eventually render you safe unless you end up at the bottom of the pile.  It can be great fun – from the outside looking in – and back in the old days of neighborhood vs. neighborhood many a side grudge used to be settled under the cover of these piles.

Learn how to play one handed softball with the other hand around a beer.

No one does this better than my brother who can scoop a ball in his glove, toss the ball up in the air, and Jim Abbott style – transfer the beer – catch the ball in this throwing hand and make the throw.  It’s poetry in motion – and no – no beer is ever spilt in the making of this play.

Learn to Hit Lefty

Really only applies to righties.  I learned to hit lefty in college when my serious days were over – but found I could make better contact in my ultra competitive wiffle ball intramurals from the left side.  If only…

Win a Championship

In today’s day and age – everyone knows there’s First and then there’s everyone else.  If you fancy yourself fantasy fanatic – you gotta win your league once.  And no – not that ESPN one or the one from work – you know the one I’m talking about – the real one…

In real life – you’re lucky to be on a team that wins it all – unless you’re a ringer on a ringer team (then that title doesn’t really count and you know it).  Little league is the highest level I’ve won on.  I’d put softball below that – and wiffleball below even that – though I have won at those too.  But I’ve also been on some astoundingly bad teams at every level.  So I can appreciate winning when it does happen.  (unlike you Mr. Ringer)

To be honest it’s never appealed as much to me to put together an all-star team in anything just to dominate a league or group or whatever.  It’s a combination of two things – my love of underdogs and my pessimism.  First off I’d rather be and root for the underdog – it’s just much more fun.  And secondly putting together that elite team – creates a situation in which only downside exists.  You’re supposed to win – and I just don’t feel as good about winning something if it’s easy…

Hug and High Five Strangers after a Big Win

This happened to me after the Mets clinched the NLCS in 2000.  It would’ve happened at a bar on the west side after Game 7 of Knicks-Rockets, and it certainly would’ve happened if the Jets had managed to get by the Broncos in ’99 (ed note: and 2009).  For some people it happens too often.  Try to stay away from those people…

Call your Shot

Once again – in any version of baseball that works for you – I’d say for most everyone – this would only happen in video game baseball or in the most recreational of co-ed softball.  For me it happened in a somewhat competitive softball game in Chinatown.  I’d hit a HR earlier in the inning – to win a bet with a teammate for a case of (cheap) beer – I ended up getting up again that inning – and just as my teammates were getting back with the first case – when he offered to double up the proposition.  I must’ve been thirsty cause knocked the second one over too – and we enjoyed the subsequent mercy rule in a glut of free (albeit cheap) beer.  That counts in my book.

Official Fly Paulie Home for Easter thread

January 26, 2010

Just as a simply and funny way to consolidate this thread – please post your donation to the Fly Paulie home for Easter fund in the comments section below.  You’ll be donating to a good cause – and your comments will greatly increase the profile of this defunct blog.

Our goal is $85 for a one way ticket on JetBlue from JFK to Boston (subject to fare increases)…

So far we have $15 (mas $5, le $10) – please add your donation amount in the comments!

Let’s make sure Paulie doesn’t need to take a bus to Boston on Saturday night!